This one is for all the marketing consultants who make it to my site.  Many of you ask me a lot of questions; from what it takes to be a marketing consultant and how I prospect, to how I set my fees.  Others are concerned they may not know enough about marketing to be a consultant.

This may surprise you but being a successful marketing consultant has less to do with your marketing knowledge than how you approach each engagement.  A Marketing Consultant’s job is to:

  1. Assume nothing.
  2. Listen.
  3. Prescribe a solution to fit the client’s situation and goals, not fit them into a program or service he offers.
  4. Talk to customers before she makes recommendations.
  5. Tell the truth; always.
  6. Be the first to declare something’s not working.
  7. Stay courageous.
  8. Always do what’s right for the client; even when it gets you fired.

Do the first four, and the marketing solution usually presents itself.  Do the last four and you’ll implement the solution successfully.

I have great respect for what it takes to start a small business and feel privileged owners trust me with their marketing.  Yes, marketing consulting is fun, rewarding, challenging and all that, but always remember to focus on the client’s business, not yours.  And your business will do just fine.

I advise and mentor marketing consultants.