First things first.  Open and read my free ebook.

If what I say makes sense, return here and continue to learn about my work and how I can help you increase sales.

If I’m right about you you’re here because:

  1. Your marketing is losing its effectiveness.
  2. The things you’ve tried to fix it haven’t worked and the things you’re considering are too expensive, too hyped up or you just aren’t convinced they’ll work.
  3. You’re hoping to find a “one fell swoop” solution.

But really, the “thing” you want is to increase sales.  Right?

There are many things that go into increasing sales, and I’ve included links to specific ways you can hire me below, but it gets down to accomplishing two things:

  1. Attract more qualified prospects.
  2. Increase the percentage of prospects who convert into a lead or customer.

That’s what I do.

Now, there are many ways to accomplish this.  I don’t just do one thing and try to push you into doing that one thing because I do it.  I do my homework and let the people you want to attract and convert more of inform what I do.  Changes to your website?  Normally, yes.  Google AdWords?  Maybe.  Email?  Probably, especially if you have a strong customer base and WOM is strong.  Onsite conversion optimization?  Yes, almost always.  Refreshing the story you tell?  Most of the time.

I charge a flat fee for easily defined projects, or work on a retainer.  “I can’t afford you” does not apply here.  You can use me as little as two hours.

Ways to hire me include:

Become your Virtual Director of Marketing.

Improve your Adwords campaign, or build one.

Give your marketing a check-up.

I’d be honored to learn more about the challenges you face and the problems you want solved.  You can call during regular business hours: 480-948-0029.  Or email me:

You can also learn more about me, here, and by reading my ebook, free, here.  I hope I hear from you!


hamilton-newI’m Hamilton Wallace.  Looking back, everything since I can remember pointed me toward what I do.

I remember in kindergarten certain words were hard to say. As I grew older I realized what that meant: I stuttered. My stuttering made me acutely aware of how you put words together.

Good training, it turned out, for a future marketer.

In college I discovered another level of words — what felt like magic at the time. I walked out of a class having had my mind officially blown. The class, Reasoning, Logic and Persuasion, taught me how to see behind words to dissect arguments; stripping away the BS and examining the story like you might peel away the layers of an onion.

Every day I got better at recognizing why a politician or preacher or TV ad did or did not persuade. Until one day I realized I enjoyed this more than my job. That was the day I sat in a little cafe in the middle of Iowa with a customer and I had my mind officially blown again. He thanked me, saying my advice of a couple months prior had worked. His company had…actually…taken…the…advice of a 26 year-old. And, I might add, good things happened.

The mind blowing part:

My advice had had a bigger impact on his business than all the expensive computer gear I was selling him!! Hmmm I thought, that’s weird. This happened again and then again. Hmmm I thought, this really IS weird.

And it really, really felt good. So good, in fact, that I quit my job at IBM, got an MBA, ran the marketing for two small companies and then declared myself a marketing consultant. That was more than 30 years ago.

So Here We Are, You and I…

And now, here we are. My stuttering is all but gone away, I’m still chasing that wonderful feeling I get when I create results, and you’re here looking for some! Results, that is!!