canadian-flagJames Chartrand has a great post  today on Copyblogger where he blames Canada for the new level of niceness and politeness that has overtaken the internet.  It’s a fun read with a worthwhile message.

Actually, the new level of civility–think the opposite of Billy May yelling at you on television–is a result of the democratization of information the internet has introduced.  The old-style BS of high pressure trickery has given way to participating in the conversation.  And if you don’t behave yourself you can’t stick around long enough to be there when I’m ready to buy.

I’ve been harping on this for, oh, maybe two decades.  We’re adults.  We don’t need to be squeezed into a logical corner to make a decision.  If pushed we push back.

It’s fine to be passionate about what you’re selling.  But talk to me about things I need, not things you need to sell me.  How to tell the difference?  Ask me some questions.

Thank goodness for the internet!

And, by the way, happy Canada Day!