CDC Pools

Swimming Pool Remodeling Chandler, AZ

Company – CDC Pools, Gilbert, AZ

Situation: CDC Pools renovates pool interiors and decking. They also build fire places and pits and barbeques to enhance a backyard. Their primary customer was pool contractors (wholesale). They wanted to decrease the number of contractor customers and increase the number of direct customers (pool owners, or retail). Solution: Pool owners get multiple quotes before they make a decision. They typical assumption is they do so because they’re looking for quality and price. Our homework showed that while quality and price are important, they shop because they need to educate themselves and find a company they can trust.  We recommended CDC go with a quality/information/trust positioning. That is, they do their best to educate people in every marketing contact, never over-promise, be straight with people and only sell one thing: quality. Consequently, their marketing materials are instructive (do’s and don’ts, how-to’s, “if you were my brother-in-law here’s what I’d tell you”) and straightforward, never attempting to be persuasive (here are your choices, here are the pros and cons, you decide). To deliver this somewhat unusual message we selected fairly traditional means: home shows; color ads in a local home decor magazine; and post cards. We also recommended an aggressive “grassroots” campaign of sending a personal letter to 100 neighbors of selected jobs, complete with a photo embedded in the letter and testimonial from the pool owner. We supported all these efforts with a net-based identity that made responding to the traditional marketing easy and delivered lots of information:  We put their URL on everything, including trucks and yard signs, and have a paid link on the home improvement page of the largest local portal site. The results have been gratifying. Simply put, they had two crews when they hired us. Now they have five. If you live in Phoenix and need to redo your pool, you will find no better, more honest, straightforward company to work with. CDC Customer Review Handout 10-13