Wait a second, don’t customers choose us? Well, the answer is yes and no (spoken like a true consultant!).

Yes, they choose us in terms of if and when they buy.

No, we choose them in terms of how we approach our marketing.

So, choose wisely.

We choose our customers by the price we charge, our message, how much information we offer, what our website looks like, how we treat prospects and everything else that makes up our marketing.

Stupid customers– Stupid customers respond to lowest-common-denominator and we’re-the-expert messages.  The car that’s advertised at one-third the normal price that doesn’t exist.  The arrogant salesperson/brochure/website who/that talks down to prospects.

Stupid customers take more time than smart customers because the aren’t really stupid.  They can see through your clever offer and resist, resist, resist.  That’s human nature and that adds up to more of your time and a lower closing ratio.

Smart customers– Smart customers respond to information and authenticity.  They’re an easier sale than stupid customers because they’re further along the sales cycle when they get to you.  They also feel attracted to you instead of manipulated so, less resistance.  And they give you referrals.

Loyal customers– Loyal customers are customers you’ve made smart.

One-timers– One-timer customers are those who end up buying and feel manipulated.  You won’t see them again.  Or they buy because of your “huge, gigantic sale” and only buy for that reason.  There’s no profit in them, in case you didn’t already figure that out.

Okay, so clearly, you want smart customers.  Customers you don’t manipulate.  Customers you educate.  Don’t feel I’m taking away something from you; your ability to “sell hard” in your marketing or get attention in creative ways.  I’m not.  I am, however, taking away the headline or promise that is/borders on too good to be true or has to have an asterisk after it.  You know:

70% OFF Sale!!*

*Excludes all our good merchandise and is limited to the crap in the back corner of the store nobody wants.

Don’t be lazy.  Find out what your customers are interested in, what will motivate them to act now.  Ask them, because now is very different than a couple years ago when you last asked your customers how they were doing.

If you know more about your customers you won’t have to make these dumb offers or write dumb headlines:

Our CRM Software Will Make You the King-Kong of Your Industry

Of course, accompanied by a picture of King-Kong!


Our CRM Software Helps You Find More Customers in Your Prospect List

No picture of King-Kong required.

Make the effort to understand what’s going on with your target customer so you can choose more wisely.