Marketing Coach

Hamilton Wallace as Marketing Coach

What is my brand of a marketing coach relationship?
I’m not the kind of marketing coach who delves into your past to uncover childhood trauma or sits there and replies “But you know, you have the ability within you to accomplish exactly that” to most everything you say.

I focus on your marketing. If you’re a jerk or unhappy now, you’ll pretty much continue being a jerk or unhappy as we work together. You’re marketing will improve, however.

This is consulting in its purest sense: I’m guiding and giving advice, you or your people are doing the work. My marketing coaching is designed to answer questions, brainstorm ideas, help you avoid mistakes, keep you on track and moving forward and, bottom line, increase your sales faster than you could without me.

How does it work?
We offer two choices:
$650/month – We meet once a month at a prescheduled day and time for about an hour, you initiate the telephone call. We talk about whatever you want; whatever’s on your mind or needs addressing. Or I can take you through a process that walks through your entire marketing approach. Calls generally end with tasks outlined and assigned – things for you to accomplish before our next meeting. In between our phone meetings you can email your questions. To help the process, try to be as specific as you can. You’ll find I’m good at responding within a reasonable time frame (hours most of the time, not days).

$2,500/month – We meet twice a month and you have complete access to me.  I’m basically your Virual Director of Marketing.  I “own” your marketing.  I work with your vendors.

What can I expect?
Starting out, clients usually want to tackle (or at least attempt to tackle) the “big stuff”: direction?; pricing changes?; the next marketing campaign?; new message?: etc. But remember, looking at big questions can mean you may not hang up with an immediate answer. More likely, you hang up with a list of things you need to do to get the answer.

The first few meetings you’ll prepare with waaaaaay more than we can get through. That’s okay. Priorities sort out as we go. And, while this may not happen for a while, you will at some point just flat not know what you want to talk about at a monthly meeting. Don’t worry about not having an agenda. Those meetings are often where breakthrough ideas elbow their way in. . .or we just trip over one.

These relationships are “ebb and flow.” Some months get very busy, others are not. By definition, it’s loose; and that, in my experience, is how it works best. If that causes you some concern, coaching may not be for you.

In all three relationships, hard costs are extra. If you want us to write copy, design something, improve your sponsored search, for example, those things are extra. We’re happy to do them, but they aren’t part of the cost of being your guide.

Is there a long-term commitment?

No. In both cases I ask that you give it three months.  If you feel you aren’t getting value after that period of time you can terminate the relationship with 30 days notice. I can do the same.  You can move up in relationship at any time.

Call me: 480-948-0029 or email me