Small Business Marketing Consultant

Twenty-five-plus years ago I started Wallace Resources to be a complete marketing department small companies could “rent.”  I called myself a small business marketing department to distinguish my firm from traditional advertising agencies.

Early in my career I discovered a natural curiosity for how businesses work and how to improve them. My first clue: when my casual observations at coffee or lunch with the same people I had just sold a ton of expensive IBM equipment to proved more valuable than all that equipment. Hmm. . .I thought, that’s weird!

So I quit, got my MBA and declared myself a small business marketing consultant. Over the years I discovered a few guiding marketing principles that produce results regardless of the industry, product or service. Principles about how to tell a story, how to get attention and how you treat the people you want to persuade while you’re persuading then.

Today, our typical client does $5 million in sales. We work in a wide range of industries and provide a variety of services at what we believe are reasonable fees.

Many owners want to know what to expect, in terms of a sales increase, before we start. Which, by the way, is a very reasonable question. They’re sometimes surprised when I tell them I don’t know. But I’m supposed to know, right?

Well, the honest answer (the ONLY honest answer) is: I don’t know.  I don’t, you don’t (why you asked) and the other people who are happy to tell you, they don’t know either.

I do, however, have absolute confidence in our process. By talking to your target customers, talking to your customer contact people, developing a variety of ideas and testing and refining those ideas, we can grow your sales. How fast?  By how much? I don’t know. I will tell you, though, we go into every engagement with the mindset of doubling your sales. I have absolutely no interest in growing your sales 20%.

If you feel your product is better than the marketing that supports it, we need to talk.  Email Hamilton.