Generate More Leads for Your Small Business

You’re here because you have a concern. Whatever your concern is, more leads is the result you’re looking for. Isn’t it? Sure, the concern you brought with you, that thing, is important.  Yes, websites and search campaigns and email and brochures are all important.  But you aren’t really looking for a better website.  You’re looking for more leads, and you may think your website it holding you back.

If what I do works, it generates a lead. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t generate a lead.     The “path” to sales growth is different for each client.  So I have developed a simpleflexible approach to small business marketing that identifies the problem and starts us implementing solutions as soon as possible.

My simple, flexible approach to small business marketing-

We go to school on what you know; on your experience.  Then we gather enough information on the customer side to make informed recommendations.   We go “live” as soon as possible, implementing with short cycles (do, measure, refine, do, measure and so on).   This process tells us quickly and reliably where the problems are, and gets us on the path to solutions almost immediately.  And affordably. This is the shortest, most efficient, most reliable path to sales growth in today’s increasingly digital world.  The interesting thing is this approach isn’t new.  It is the classic direct response marketing model.  It’s what I’ve been doing for 30+ years.  Just updated.  The learning cycles are shorter, the measures are more refined and the refinements are far less expensive.

Can you expect results?

Consider: Roger and Chris, owners of a contracting business. Their goal was to keep two crews busy.  Now they have five. Or Cliff, the COO of a software developer and a coder.  The company had lost 20% of its online software business.  Currently sales are up 25% and their cost per sale is one-fifth what it was when I took over. Or like James who launched his software consulting business and was struggling to attract and close enough business.  After three months of my managing an Adwords campaign (and training him), and another three of him going it alone, he paused the campaign because he had too much business. You can talk with these and several other clients. My simple, flexible approach to getting your marketing back on track starts us implementing, measuring results and making adjustments almost immediately.  We won’t be 100% right with our first test.  Nobody or nothing is.  You know that.  But we will get results quickly, and move down the path to positive results faster than traditional marketing methods would take us.

Wondering where my list of Marketing Services is?!

I give hourly advice, manage Adwords campaigns, create and implement marketing campaigns, improve website conversion (turning more visitors into leads or sales), fine-tune your marketing message and do email and direct mail.  But every situation is different and we’ll talk about a relationship and project scope after we know more about each other.

Can you afford me?

I specialize in working with business owners.  Their marketing budget, like yours, comes out of their pocket.   I get that.  We also don’t believe in “fell swoops,” which can be expensive and risky. Remember from above?  Short cycles, going live quickly with implementation and testing?  Smaller bites mean smaller dollars at risk.  I believe you’ll love my approach and my fees.  If not, simple, I’m not your guy and you should keep looking.

Call (480-948-0029) or email me. Let’s talk about your situation.  Who knows, we may even be able to talk today.