How to Align Your Marketing Message

Messages wear out (stop working) because why people buy today is likely different from why they bought two years ago (when you wrote your last brochure!).  You can create a cool new brochure, but don’t expect much change unless you also align your message with what’s important to your customers today.

How to align your marketing message:

This is a three-week process designed to  refine your message so that it aligns more directly with why your customers are buying right now.

The process:

I telephone interview your customer contact people.  I ask them questions about their perceptions and beliefs regarding why you are different and why people buy, and about your marketing methods and message, both past and present.

I telephone interview a handful of your customers.  I ask them about the process they went through when they selected you, about the criteria they used and the concerns/fears/objections that were part of their decision process.  This isn’t a report card on you.  It’s a way to inform your message.  And I audio record the interviews so you can hear what I heard.

I write up my conclusions and recommendations on how to express your message in its various forms.

We keep it simple and inexpensive.  Message Alignments start at $2,500. For more information, Email Hamilton.

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