about-hamilton-sbmcTruth is, you already know enough about marketing to make money being a marketing consultant. Doug did, when he contacted me. He had plenty of marketing experience, a professional looking website and, over the past year, a client or two. Enough to tell his friends he was a marketing consultant, but not enough to make a business out of it.

The hard part is making a business out of it. Things like:
Attracting prospects (enough prospects, not the occasional new client).

Understanding how to present a proposal in a way that isn’t 80% guaranteed to fail (this simple piece of advice will double your closing ratio).

Structuring how clients can hire you in a way that gives them some choice (but not too much) AND takes advantage of your experience.

And did I mention attracting prospects?!  I went through my contacts and networking soon enough.

Doug wanted to know if I was making any money (I am), if I’d hold back the “really important information” (I don’t) and why I’m helping other consultants compete with me.  Regarding this last issue, I invite you to use Google’s Keyword Tool and check last month’s search volume on marketing consultant or the other related search queries.  There is a ton of business out there for all of us.  A ton.

First, you should understand I’m a full-time marketing consultant.  I do the things every day I’ll teach you to do; you’ll learn what works in today’s economy.  I am not one of those guys who makes a living teaching how to be a consultant (who stopped consulting years ago).   Second, I do just fine as a marketing consultant; whether you hire me or not won’t affect my lifestyle.  (No pressure or hard-sell here.)

And one more thing.  I’m not interested in teaching you how to be a marketing consultant like me.  You have a set of experiences and a sensibility that you need to bring to your clients.  That’s how they’ll be successful and how you will as well.  We (yes, we, you’ll do plenty of  the work) need to find that for you.  That’s the goal.

So. . .How Does This Work?

That email at right, by the way, is from Doug.  The date of the email is four months  after he started with me.  At about two-and-a-half months he closed his first client using the prospecting methods I taught him and we installed.

He hired me for an hour to make sure I’m not a jerk.  Hire me for an hour ($250) and ask me anything; get clear on the jerk thing.  If that goes well, and if you’re serious, we can move forward together as fast as your budget allows.

If you’re interested, email me.

Here’s Doug 18 months later:

Doug on 6-28-13

If what I’m saying doesn’t feel right for you, keep looking for that thing or person that does.  Being a marketing consultant is a great gig.  I feel privileged to have found something 30+ years ago that gives me this level of freedom, money and satisfaction.  I wish the same for you.


PS  I’m also a great resource once the prospecting methods we put in place start generating clients.

PSS  If you are a consultant needing to attract larger clients (Fortune 500 type clients) you’ll want to talk to Stephen Lahey.  Steve does it for a living and can show you how.

Hamilton Wallace, small business marketing consultant, helps other marketing consultants with client work