How to Find Marketing Answers and Enjoy Your Weekend

Hamilton Wallace, small business marketing consultant, talks about marketing and Labor Day

Getting clear on just a few things this 4th of July weekend will make your search for marketing answers go faster and turn out better.  And give you back your weekend.

Know this, bottom line, to grow sales in 2011 you need to do four things.  And by “you” I don’t mean your ad agency, I mean you.  Somebody needs to do these things for you — get things up and running — but, in the process, teach you how.  Why?  Because marketing has changed from “Occasional” to “Constant.”


It used to be enough to do an ad and let it run for several months, then maybe change it.  Maybe.  Or “Time to reprint the brochure. . .let’s look at what needs changing.”  Or we’d drop a mailing two or three times a year.  Occasional.  Getting you agency on the phone three or four times a year used to be enough.


Today people include searching on the internet in their decision cycle for just about everything, from consulting services to swimming pools.  This gives you the opportunity to refine your landing pages and website (the ad and brochure of today) weekly.  Yes, weekly.  Which is a far cry from “Getting your agency on the phone three or four times a year.”  This means it’s on YOU!

What are those four things you need to do to grow sales in 2011; the four things YOU need to do?  The four things I can do for you and teach you how in the process?  Well, I’m glad you asked:

  1. Attract more of the right people to your website (this is the easy part).
  2. Convert more of them into leads (this is the hard part).
  3. Adjust your message to reflect the concerns your target market has TODAY (you need this part to be able to pull off #2).
  4. Find and tell your story so people stick around long enough to digest your message (ditto for this part).

Now, dive back into your weekend, knowing the answer is much closer than when you started looking 30 minutes ago.

We can talk Tuesday.