How to Generate More Prospects

I do many things for clients.  But the goal is usually the same:  attract more prospects.

Not Gee, isn’t that a beautiful mailing or brochure or website? But Gee, how many prospects did it produce?!

The most common roadblocks to attracting prospects I see:

All design, no message.  If your website/email/mailer/etc. looks cool but not enough visitors or readers are turning into prospects, nobody’s hearing your message.  Which is what your design is supposed to do.

A muddled message.  As you add more reasons to buy to your message, you start sounding less like you and more like everybody else.

Not enough of the right people see your message.

No enough of the right people see your message often enough.

What to do?  In order, the simplest to the hardest:

Reach out to more people more often.

Ask your customers what’s happening in their world today.  Not your favorite customers, ask the type of customers you want more of.  Then shut up and let them do most of the talking.

Your website needs to be built around the one, two or three things you want people to do.  If they are not immediately obvious, shame on the person you entrusted to create a site that does more than just look good.

What to do?  In order, the most to least important:

Fix your message.  You can double or triple the number of people who see your message and the number of times they see it, but if it’s the wrong message, well, you get the idea.

Make sure your website or email or mailer has a solid marketing core.  Remember, what do you want people to DO?

Do both of the above before you invest in reaching out to more people more often.

Need help?

There are lots of ways you can hire me, the three most common:

I offer a website assessment that makes concrete recommendations to simplify your site, make it easier for people to get the information they’re looking for and, bottom line, convert more visitors into inquiries.

I manage search marketing for clients.  This brings more of the right people onto your site when they’re looking for what you sell.  If leads from your website aren’t your #1 source for leads, we need to talk.

I can be your Virtual Director of Marketing.  We’ll get your message re-aligned with what’s important to your customers today and bring some consistency to your marketing execution.

And there’s lots to know about me:

Second generation Arizona native   /   Jock   /   BA, Reasoning, Logic & Persuasion, Drake University   /   IBM   /   Realized I don’t like big companies   /   MBA, Arizona State University   /   VP Sales & Marketing for two small companies   /   Tried to buy one, the board laughed at a 27-year-old with his checkbook in hand   /   Declared myself a consultant, prayed someone would hire me / Almost three decades of working with small companies / And now here we are, you and I.

The smartest, most direct path to finding out whether I can solve your problem is to talk on the phone.  Email me and we can very likely talk tomorrow.  Or call right now if now is regular business hours Pacific Time: 480-948-0029

I’ve been generating leads for small business owners for almost three decades.  In many different industries via every conceivable marketing channel.  I”m not always right, but I’m right an awful lot more than I’m wrong.  Because this is all I do.  While you juggle marketing, sales, accounting, people issues, technology glitches, insurance, overhead, etc., I’m doing one thing; generating prospects.  After a while, you get good at it.