Simplify, simplify, simplify.  No, I’m not a Kung Fu Master, I’m a marketing consultant.  The advice holds, however, for both I suppose.  Simplify your martial arts technique and you’ll get better.  Simplify your website and you’ll get better results: more conversions of visitors into inquiries.

If you do this type of work you know what I’m talking about.  If not, you may be thinking hey, this is the web, the more content the better!

Here’s the brutal reality.  The average visitor is on your site for less than three minutes and visits just under an average of three pages.  Yeah, ouch!  So, all those great pages you’ve created that parse your story (about us, our people, our history), wrong.  All those pages that break your products down (widgets, widgets with tops, big widgets with tops, small widgets with tops), aren’t helping you.

You need to tell your story quickly on your home page; “fly them over the battle.”  You need to tell your story completely on your Products or Services page, with a strong focus on what you sell.  You need to tell your story completely on your About page, with a strong focus on your company.

Sound a bit redundant?  Good, it should, especially when you read all three pages together.  If it feels redundant to you, you have a shot at successfully communicating your story to your site visitors, who are paying far less attention to your content than you are.