“Oh, we tried Google Adwords, spent a lot of money, saw no results and stopped the campaign.  Adwords doesn’t work.”  I hear this almost every week.  Silence (no leads or sales) from an Adwords campaign should tell you something isn’t working; and that something isn’t Adwords.  An Adwords campaign is your ear to the ground.  Silence?  That’s your market telling you your value proposition isn’t compelling or your message is muddled or your landing pages sucks.

Change things up and see what happens.  More silence?  Changes things up again.  And again and again until something starts happening.  Why would you want to kill the campaign and stop that feedback loop?

Let me be clear, Adwords is a powerful method to attract visitors who are interested in what you sell; Adwords is a powerful selling tool.  If you use it to listen and refine your marketing it will become a powerful selling method for you that much faster.