We went shopping for an artificial Christmas tree on Sunday; between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  I will, however, spare you the spiritual angst I have over buying an artificial tree, that’s another post. 

Anyway, we went where you might expect to go on such a mission (Sharon, my wife, was a buyer for an 1,100 store chain, so it was very much a mission): Kmart; Costco; Sam’s; and a local specialty store.  With the exception of Costco, which was only moderately busy, these stores were empty (the picture is THE MAIN ISLE in Kmart–two people!).
Yesterday, Monday December 1st, “they” made it official.  We’re in a recession.  And it began last December. 

Really?  Doyathink?!  What’s that Dylan lyric, you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows?  And, what’s that first part of that 12-step program, moving from denial to acceptance?  Hello, my name is Hamilton and we’re in a recession.

How to think about it?  Folks, it is what it is.  You need to know how to market when things are headed up and when things are headed down.  So, as kindly as I can put this, accept it, get over it and get moving toward a solution.  How?  See:

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