You’ve grown your business because you’re good at what you do and you care about your customers. And this buys you the best kind of marketing there is: referrals.

The only problem with referrals is sooner or later you want to grow faster than referrals will take you.

Which is probably why you’re here now.

You’ve spent money on marketing. Some of it worked, some didn’t and some you’re not quite sure about. And maybe you even wasted some money on someone who also calls him or herself a marketing consultant.

But one thing you know for sure, you’re ready, now, to fix the problem. 

Am I that someone?  Another few minutes on the site should tell you plenty.

Are you a good fit for me?!  You are if:  

The quality of your marketing doesn’t live up to the quality of your product.  It doesn’t tell your story.  Or, ahem, it really doesn’t actually exist.

You have compelling reasons why people should buy what you sell – you have a story to tell.

You’re willing to invest some of your time into marketing.  Marketing has changed.  The short version is we’ve moved from marketing based on events (placing an ad, attending a trade show, doing a mailing) to marketing that creates an experience (always-on marketing).  This is a new layer of marketing that can’t be done well (authentically) by anyone outside your company.  I can help.  A lot.  But I will need your help too.  Just FYI. . .

You get up in the morning excited about work.

You love your customers.  Mostly.  You enjoy doing things that make them happy and keep them telling others about you.

If this sounds like you, call me at 480-948-0029 or email me.  We’ll both know pretty quickly if it makes sense to talk about creating a relationship.

Am I a good fit for you?  You decide:

I increase sales.  If I don’t, clients don’t keep me around.  And clients keep me around.

I increase sales by creating new customers.  I create new customers many ways, but since the financial meltdown, we mostly work online.  That is, by attracting more of the right people to your website AND converting more of them into leads and sales.

I also increase sales by increasing engagement with current customers.  Clients are always amazed at how little it takes to boost sales and referrals from their customer base.  Your customers are, without question, you biggest asset.  Use it!!

Some of the more typical relationships I form with clients are represented by the links at the top of every page.  Go there to learn more.  But know that if we both are interested in working together we can find a relationship that works.

My background-

I help small businesses increase sales.  That’s it, really. That’s all that matters.  Either I succeed for you (sales go up) or nothing changes.  Sure, we do a lot of things: develop strategies, improve website conversion, create email campaigns, write sales letters and design brochures.  But you hire someone like me to increase sales, not just create things. Because without results, all that’s just money spent.

My story, told in a more traditional way. . . sort of. . .

Second generation Arizona native   /   Jock   /   BA, Reasoning, Logic & Persuasion, Drake University   /   IBM   /   Realized I don’t like big companies   /   MBA, Arizona State University   /   VP Sales & Marketing for two small companies   /   Tried to buy one, the board laughed at a 27-year-old with his checkbook in hand   /   Declared myself a marketing consultant, prayed someone would hire me / More than three decades of working with small companies / And now here we are, you and I.

What makes me different:

I work with small business owners.  This is what I’ve done for 30+ years.

When you hire us you get me.  My job isn’t to manage a consulting firm, it’s to grow your sales.  It’s not my firm working for your company.  It’s we.

Because I work with small businesses, we take a lot of small steps.  Execute, refine, repeat.

I’ll talk to your customers to inform our ideas.  No one-size-fits-all solutions here.

I look long and hard at what you are telling the world about what you do and why you are different.  That cool new website won’t do you much good if what you’re saying doesn’t resonate.


software thank you

The two things clients have said about me I am proudest of (and, of course, I enjoy getting emails like the one above too):

“Hiring Hamilton helped us finally project the feeling of what it is like to do business with us.”  That was Vance Boucher.  Watch the video.  It typically isn’t one major thing that makes you different or unique.  It’s a feeling or a sense people get from the experience you create.  I hope we accomplish this for every client. It’s certainly the goal. “Just hire Hamilton and do what he says. When things stop working, fire him. We hired him in 2000 and are still using him.”  That was Chris Jones and I’m fine with the fire-him-when-things-stop-working arrangement because I focus on results.  I charge money for what I do, but I do what I do for the challenge and satisfaction of creating results.   I’m not always right, but for the same dollars, there’s nobody better.  The great David Ogilvy once said AD MEN fall into two categories, killers and poets.  Killers see an ad as a means to an end.  Poets see an ad as an end.   He also said you need to be some of both to be successful.  I agree.

Am I a good fit for what you’re facing?  There’s only one way to find out, isn’t there?  Email me and we can very likely talk tomorrow.  Or call right now if now is regular business hours Mountain time: 480-948-0029

You’re this far into my page because what I’m telling you strikes a chord.  So, call me at 480-948-0029 or email me and let’s talk.

More about you. . .since you’re this far into my story-

You’re doing what you do by choice.  That means you’d rather be doing this than anything else. This passion came through with every sale you made when you started the business.

But as you grew that was lost; the gravitas you had that gave people confidence enough to go with your company isn’t on your website or your sales materials or in the presentations by your salespeople.

You may not be able to explain it or teach it or write it, but you can sure turn it on when you’re with customers.  And they respond.

It’s up to me to understand what your “it” is. To distill that and then communicate it in a way that doesn’t include you at every customer touch point. And, by the way, it needs to reflect itself at every customer touch point. The entire customer experience.

You know a lot more about marketing than you think you do. You just never had to talk about it or understand it or infuse it into the rest of your business.

But, working together, we can coax it out and get it implemented.  Is it time to talk?  Email me.