Phoenix Suns basketball coach Alvin Gentry gave his bench players (the second string) some great advice that has paid off.  Good advice, actually, for all of us.  Especially in this economy.

His message:

“Keep shooting!” I won’t take you out of the game because you’re missing shots.  I will, however, sit you down if you don’t shoot (if you aren’t aggressive, if you don’t play with confidence).

I can relate.  In another life I played basketball and it isn’t easy to keep shooting when you’re missing.  In this life, it isn’t easy to be aggressive when things slow down.

We certainly have our share of uncertainty right now.  The risk, however, is in not shooting, not being aggressive.  The risk is in doing the same thing and expecting different results.  The risk is in waiting until things get back to normal.

So, keep shooting.  Be smart, but stay aggressive.