Have you been buried like I have under Top-10 lists of things learned in 2011 or things to remember for 2012?  I’m a guilty party to the deluge with my last post

Here’s where this takes me, though:

First, sure, it’s worth the effort to parse through it all to find the good stuff.

Second, it occurs to me we’re missing the point with all this looking back/looking forward stuff, assuming the goal is doing better in 2012: what about NOW?!

Yes, learn from the past.  Yes, plan; planning is good.  AND, remember to be present.  Be present with what’s in front of you; with your priorities.  Pay attention.  Stay in the moment.

This is hard.  In fact, it’s some of the hardest work you’ll do.  And some of the most important.  Because here’s what happens when you stay present with now:

You get more done.  Faster.

Solutions present themselves.

The next step for many things just pops up.

Stress reduces.

Try it, starting, well, NOW. . .