VoiceTel of Arizona

Scottsdale, AZ

Company-  VoiceTel of Arizona, Scottsdale, AZ

Product Integrated Voice Messaging

Situatior Owner wanted to increase sales, thought he needed to hire more salespeople.

We interviewed his salespeople, customers and individuals who had been presented to, but who had not bought. We found his salespeople were doing what they were trained to do, but that as a result, they were making ineffective presentations to too many unqualified prospects. We recommended he reduce his sales staff by 50%, take the prospecting responsibility away from his salespeople, develop a direct mail prospecting program instead and direct the face-to-face sales presentations toward a customized need satisfaction approach.

As a result , sales from new customers increased 400% and his cost of sales went from “I don’t even want to know about it” to 10% (for every $1 of prospecting cost he generated $10 in sales).