We interview your customer contact people  and your customers (the type you want more of, not a cross section).

We ask your people questions about who you are, why you’re different, why people buy from you  and how your people feel you stack up against the competition.

We ask your customers many of the same questions, plus we ask about their expectations and preferences regarding purchasing products or services like yours.

Now we know your perceptions and your customers’ perceptions, which, by the way, are typically very similar. But it is in the small differences where your marketing (message and methods) breaks down; where your market may have “out-grown” your message, and/or where a method may have simply lost its impact. And it’s in these small differences where we add value.

Our interviews are not an attempt to give you a statistically valid picture of your market. They are designed to dig down below the surface answers most customers give to uncover the nuances of what can make your company a unique and compelling choice for the people we interview.

Two things make our methodology remarkable. First, it isn’t complicated or time consuming so it won’t cost you a lot of money or time.

Second, it works (let the people you want to persuade tell you, in their words, how to persuade them). Regardless of the industry.  For example:

We helped an established accident/injury law firm grow their practice 62% in one year.

We helped a training company double sales in one year, survive 9-11-01 (they had every seminar cancel that following week!), rebound and maintain.

We helped a contractor double sales the first year, increase 70% in year two and this year we’re working on attracting more profitable business (with a goal of increasing their business just 30%).

We helped a software company double sales in one year (after five years of no growth).

Another start-up company sold more software in five months than they sold in the previous year and a half.

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