Not Everybody in Arizona is Nuts

In fact, most of us are pretty normal.

Unfortunately, Arizona has been in the news quite a bit for some pretty (in my humble opinion) out-of-touch laws, pronouncements and political stunts by our elected officials.  Not all of us think we need a border fence, Hispanics are taking all our jobs, that our police need to be legally obligated to check your papers if you have a tan or that county sheriffs need to make sure presidents are not secret aliens.  To me this isn’t liberal versus conservative.  This is problem-solving versus pandering for votes to keep your job.  We need problem-solving to fix the messes a few decades of pandering have wrought.

The Wallaces have been in Arizona since my great grandfather Samuel Wallace homesteaded here in 1892 from Missouri. That’s Samuel in the middle and his son, my grandfather, on the right, James Wallace, with his favorite mule (actually, his only mule).  I’m proud of my state, but not proud of some of our people.  This certainly reminds me I need to take more responsibility for who we elect (for those who work for us).  But until then, please know, not everybody in Arizona is nuts.