I was struck by a post by Thomas Baekdal, one of the very smart guys I follow (and you should too).  His point is publishers and media companies should get past the limitation of prime time or a publishing schedule.  That is, allowing access to media on their schedule.  As opposed to, well, now.  He makes a good point; a post well worth reading.

Here’s what it brings up for me, in my world of small business marketing-

Immediacy.  People don’t want to wait for a response to their email inquiry.  Or leave a message on the phone if they have a question.

Or NOT be given all the information they need to make a decision.  Remember when it was clever to give people everything but the price (Make ’em call for the price so we have a chance to sell ’em!!)?  It’s not clever anymore.  Actually, it never was.

Give people all the information.  When they ask for more or take a step toward you to talk further or set an appointment, don’t make them wait.  Even if you simply acknowledge their interest and let them know what’s happening.  Now is more important than it’s ever been.