Pay For your Marketing Services Here

Virtual Director of Marketing – $1500

  • You are buying 10 hours of my time each month. We meet weekly at an agreed upon day and time via net meeting. You can see me and my computer screen (at right). We typically spend 45 minutes together; addressing your concerns and/or working through a process of discovery, action and refinement. The first session generally sets expectations and gets many of your “I’ve been wondering abouts” out. I’m a firm believer in testing. We will be doing a lot of listening, probing, implementing, learning, refining and iterating.
  • I am available between weekly sessions via email and phone to maintain momentum (I don’t ever want you to feel you have to wait until our next session to deal with something.).
    The balance of my time is invested where it can serve you best; writing or refining sales copy, interviewing customers, reviewing design, evaluating current marketing or marketing opportunities, and making recommendations, etc. Hard costs such as design, printing, Adwords charges, etc., are not part of the monthly fee. We can certainly do things like this for you, but these are separate from and in addition to the VDM fee.
  • There is no long-term commitment, but there is an initial three-month commitment. This lets us discover what’s necessary to make INFORMED choices, act on those choices and iterate enough times that we’re starting to gain traction.

Marketing Check-up starts $ 2500

This is a three-week process designed to uncover what about your marketing is working, what’s not, give you a sense of what your customers are thinking and, from all this, create a path forward. This is not a full-blown marketing plan that looks out 12 months with multiple strategies and budget. Frankly, things are moving too fast.

Website Audit & Improvement – $1750

I focus on how a website performs — how many leads or sales it generates — not how it looks. Which should be good news if you finally have a professional looking website and are wondering why it still isn’t generating leads or sales.

Extra Charges that don’t fit into boxes – $500 per unit

These are charges which I’ll ask you to pay when you contract me for work. Example Search Marketing, or additional charges for any of the services that I offer. You can buy one unit, or more based on what we agree and pay from here.