Humm. . .where to begin. . .I work with so many terrific people.

Okay, as you may already know from other pages, I designed my firm around the needs of the small business owner. And that includes employees, or the lack there of. I used to have many, but that was then (see my bio below) and this is now.

Everybody gets me (Hamilton) and Sharon (my partner and wife). Beyond the two of us, we work like a film studio (we’ve been called a Marketing Studio). That is, we bring people together we feel are most appropriate to each client’s needs. Just as a film studio brings different people together to make a movie, based on that film’s unique requirements. I will put our people and results up against anybody. Nobody can bring the caliber and experience we can to projects for small business. NOBODY!

Hamilton Wallace is the guy to call when you want to reduce your marketing budget by a third and increase sales by 60% at the same time. Really. He listens. Doesn’t think he knows it all. And asks obvious questions that spawn brave new ways to change your message, marketing methods and sometimes even your idea of what your company should be. No conceptual BS. He delivers doable, affordable methods and changes to your message and methods that focus on what your customers are concerned about. Today. Not six months ago.  An MBA and years at IBM — yes, Hamilton has had a lot of unlearning to do. Many years in the trenches grinding it out have done wonders. Used to have two partners and 13 employees, and found the bigger we got the less time he had for marketing. Gracefully punched out with his BMW and health insurance in tow. Lots of experience: practically every industry; B2B; B2C; online and offline, including direct response (mail, print, electronic); prospecting programs, trade shows, TV, print, blah, blah, blah. His mastery of the digital forces around us is pretty good (for a marketing guy). Can still drain a 15-foot jump shot (from his Drake University days). But, alas, has no first step anymore.

Sharon Paskow Wallace is a principal after joining the firm 16 years ago (we married 14 years ago). Sharon brings with her an extensive retail, merchandising, advertising and sales background. A graduate of Ohio University, she spent 10 years in the retail industry working for such companies as Gimbel’s Department Store, Puritan Fashions and Morse Shoe. Inc. In her position with Morse Shoe she was responsible for the planning, selection, merchandising and distribution of $8 million in inventory for 1,100 stores. Sharon understands retailers and has extraordinary instincts.

Don Ross knows more about advertising than anybody working in the Southwest. Hands down. He’s worked for Young & Rubicam, Bozell and Jacobs, Leo Burnett Company and Wunderman Worldwide in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. For an amazing list of clients. He grew up in Phoenix, saved his shekels along the way and now is back here to paint. . .and sometimes lend his talents to our projects.

Steve Tyra is. . .well, Steve. He’s an impossible bundle of intuitive insight, 25-year veteran producer/participant of possibly every mode of communication that’s come down the pike and production savant (he finds the “back doors” to doing things for clients that saves thousands). Our projects are simply better – our copy more persuasive – with him, although we’re not completely sure why. The bio he prefers:  Declared by thousands of children and adults to be the real Santa Claus – “Deep Radio Voice” surgically installed at The Ron Bailie School of Broadcasting – Test Pilot for Genetically Engineered Junk Food – Knows the real words to “Louie Louie” – Paid hush money by several educational institutions to deny his matriculation – Comedy Club Refugee – Voted People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive (three years in a row) – Co-Creator… body model … and voice of the “Blue Bulldog” … our highly successful advertising campaign for a law firm – Twelve CD contract with Capitol Records (only two more to buy at the regular price!) – and a snappy dresser (if you like Hawaiian shirts).

Tom Bonifield’s hand (Green Rabbit Design) has been in more television and print ads in the Southwest than probably any other person alive.  His firm designs and creates images (they make the logos fly, the words zoom, and, generally, the visually impossible possible). We’ve used him/them for dozens of projects, from simple logo design to full 30 frame per second cell animation.  Totally apart from his design skills, Tom brings a powerful ability to get to the core of what does and doesn’t communicate.

John Webster, is my technology partner and a gifted architect of all-things-tech.  He just flat knows everything about everything, from mobile to servers.

Or Carol Mayka, a graphic artist who exercises great restraint and wisdom in her design. Her goal is to design in a way that is consistent with the unique conceptual language of the person reading or viewing the piece.  Her work doesn’t get in the way.  It shines a bright light.

Or Rich Maranto, who develops our digital presentations and email prospecting programs. Rich is everything you want in a guy who’s responsible for making things work on a wide range of computers without crashing systems. I don’t think he’s slept in the last nine years, though.

Or Rajesh Kanna and Krishna Unni, our web development partners. They bring a clean, crisp design sense to the websites we do for clients, not to mention doing it at a price that allows us to deliver first rate websites for about half the cost traditional website development firms charge.