As a small business marketing consultant business owners hire me, typically, when things are bad.  So, pardon me when I don’t get too nervous about tough times.

Here’s a tip you can use to increase sales and improve your marketing today:

Go small.

Here’s what I mean.  PF Chang’s is an upscale Asian food restaurant.  Part of a chain; very successful, very smart people behind it. The waiter brings out little desserts after our meal; cheese cake, black forest cake, all the usual suspects.  Except they’re all in little glass containers just a bit larger than a shot glass.  Two bucks each.

015Great concept: the small size (fewer bad calories) and small price make it hard to say no. You’ll be proud of me–I passed.  But not without appreciating what they did.  And the waiter confirmed what you and I imagined, desserts are flying out the door.

So, what can you do to make what you sell smaller, less expensive, “easier to swallow?”  Think about it.  Then test it.

Get going.  Improve your marketing.  Make it easier for a customer to buy from you.  Now.