Saying “NO!” May Be the Best Marketing Strategy


Sometimes it just feels better to invest in trying something rather than investing in advice. I get that.

But I also get a lot of calls AFTER the money has been spent and, regrettably, after what you tried didn’t work.

How about I just say no, for free, and save you all that wasted time and money?

Seriously. Talk to me BEFORE you invest in whatever sounds really, really good.  ESPECIALLY when it sounds really, really good.

I’ll listen, maybe we’ll check them out online together and then I’ll likely say no, take a pass.  Based on 30+ years of:

Being the guy responsible for generating leads for small businesses (actually getting results!!).

Seeing well-packaged, persuasively sold services that sound great but just don’t generate results.

Saying “I wish you would have called before you made that decision, I could have told you to save your money” too, too, too many times.

 The calls I get are from smart, hard-working, thoughtful people. They just don’t live in the digital marketing world full-time like I do.

Why does 90+% of what I see NOT WORK?  I’m glad you asked:

If you need a marketing solution that reflects where you are, what’s unique about you and who you sell to, and you do, that pre-packaged solution that sounds so great takes none of those things into account.

Most companies are organized around selling you stuff, not helping you sell your stuff.

It’s rarely one thing. Changing one thing about your marketing rarely makes THE difference.  I know, that one thing they do so well, that sounds so slick, that one thing they’ve made you really want, that one thing that logically ought to make THE difference…well, it rarely does by itself.

Sorry, I know, I’m Captain Buzzkill.  But I’m not kidding. Should you do what you’re about to do? Very probably no!  And in some cases Hell No!!

I’m working with a client who invested $250,000+ in Google AdWords over the past four years. His company grew nicely during that time, but not because of the AdWords campaign.  The campaign, by the way, was larger and more complex than the code that operates the Hubble Telescope.  Impressive, yes?  Complete with unintelligible monthly reports. But it didn’t generate leads. My AdWords campaign, at $2,500 a month, does.  I had two conversations with a business owner who has agreed to pay a firm $4,000/mo for an email prospecting campaign (that won’t work) after months of paying a different company $6,000/mo for a prospecting campaign that produced zero leads.  I told him the first company would fail and I’ve told him the second company will fail. I told him he should pay me $3,000/mo to do nothing for him and he’d be money ahead. He didn’t see the humor in that; I guess I don’t blame him.

And I could go on and on.  So, talk to me before you take that next step and I will likely say NO!  Think of all the money you’ll save. Call me: 480-948-0029. Or email me:


Or, if you’re in a hurry, just watch the video below for my answer: