Can Just One Hour with a Marketing Consultant Change Your Life?

You want help, feel comfortable on my site but. . .just. . .aren’t. . .sure about a lot of things.

Just Start

This is my best advice.  Just start.  Hire me for a couple hours.  “Stick your toe in.”  “Test me out.”  I”m not your guy?  You haven’t wasted much money or time.  Then find someone else.  Or find someone else right now.  But move forward.  The only way you can fail is by not doing something.  That, as we both know, doesn’t change a thing.

By just starting you change your perspective.  You learn more than you know now.

What does just starting look like?  How about one hour with a marketing consultant?  How about going to that seminar you’ve been thinking about?  Or visiting that customer?  Or taking that afternoon off and thinking about the problem (like you’ve been wanting to do)?

Can just one hour with a marketing consultant change your life?  If you keep moving forward, absolutely.  I see it all the time.  If spending one hour with a marketing consultant is part of the Just Start process for you, then  contact me and let’s schedule it.

I’m $250 an hour with a two hour minimum retainer.  You can use the time in one session or break it into smaller sessions over time.  Most people do the latter.  You can also buy my time in 10-hour blocks for $1,750.

Let’s talk.

“In one hour Hamilton was able to take our scattered thoughts and give us direction.  As a result, we were able to synthesize our message and produce a GREAT ad!!!  We’ll be back.”

Lisa Vitiello, CPA  //  Town & Country Management  //  Clark, New Jersey

“I called it quits after 40 minutes because I had so much to work on.”

Brandon Allen  //  Smart People  //  Cincinnati, Ohio

“I think our time together has really made the difference.  Now we need to focus on keeping the momentum.”

Alisa Quist  //  Moki Mac River Expeditions  //  Salt Lake City, Utah