Video Testimonials

Still doing written testimonials?! The sentence or two or a copy of a letter?  Sorry, not acceptable in today’s digital world.

Video testimonials tell a story, communicate the “soft” reasons why people select you and, ACTUALLY COMMUNICATE the message you’re trying to send (when was the last time you actually read a testimonial?).  Best of all, they, at least the ones we do for clients, talk to the issues people have early in the sales cycle, at the time they are watching them.  What do most written testimonials talk about?  The happy ending.  And that’s a mistake.

We can create video interviews and customer testimonials for you or teach you how. . .email Hamilton  and start the conversation.


When is a customer testimonial something that doesn’t mention the company?  When you sell forensic lab case management software to city, state and federal government customers that can’t give testimonials.



Client talking about yours truly.



A double whammy.  The GM of a local golf retailer chain talks to golfers about why his stores put our client’s synthetic putting green in their stores.  It’s a customer testimonial from an expert source.



This is a customer testimonial we wanted to introduce the salespeople in.  We did testimonials for each salesperson.


 [youtube] [/youtube]

This is a customer testimonial for a contractor designed to build trust for seniors.  We went back to the customer three times before, during and after the project to show prospects who have doubts about contractors the concern these folks had and, of course, the happy ending.