Small Business Marketing at the Base Price of Zero

The base price of zero is the new free.  I offer “Freemium,” or tiered versions of the most popular ways people hire me.  Free.


Paid Search Campaign I charge $1,250 to set up a Google Adwords campaign and manage it for a month.  I charge $650 per month to manage the campaign weekly during subsequent months.  Click-through charges are additional and paid directly to Google.  People hire me because I have the unique skill set of being a 30-year direct response marketing veteran (Adwords is direct response marketing in its purest form) and I’ve earned the Google Adwords Professional designation.  Details

Freemium – Or, you can watch me manage an account.  Free, via weekly open net meetings.   We meet twice a week and it’s open to everyone.  Copy the meeting link and put it in your calendar:

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 AM Pacific time, 1 PM Eastern time.

Virtual Director of Marketing I charge $750 per month to be a company’s VDM.  Owners use me this way when they want to know what next step — strategy — they ought to be taking.  We meet once a week via net meeting and communicate via email (unlimited) in between to continue the momentum.  We work on what’s holding you back or, if you aren’t sure, I have a process I take you through that basically builds a marketing plan.  And I’m with you through implementation.  Details

Freemium – Or, you can join in on a free weekly open net meeting.  It’s a VDM meeting.  You can ask questions or listen.  It’s just not exclusively your meeting focused on your company.  We meet twice a week and it’s open to everyone.  Copy the meeting link and put it in your calendar:

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30 AM Pacific time, 1:30 PM Eastern time.

Website Assessment I charge $995 to recommend ways to increase leads from your website.  I look at visitor behavior, keyword performance, your site’s ease of use, how effectively it tells your story and what you’re asking people to do.  I do the work, write it up and we talk about it via a net meeting.  Details

Freemium – Or, you can download instructions and do it yourself.  Free.  I tell you want to do and teach you why you’re doing it.  You get my experience and knowledge, you just don’t get me.


Many software tools have a Freemium version you can use for free.  If you like it you can then move to a paid or Pro version.  Ditto many online communities.  Professionals give speeches for free because it’s a great way to demonstrate  expertise.  If you’re impressed and have a need, you may hire them.  Ditto for me.

If you recognize the term Freemium you probably read Chris Anderson’s book “Free: The Future of a Radical Price.”  You can download an audio version free.  Great book.  A must read if you compete on the internet.