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You found me via a sponsored search ad I placed on Google’s Adwords.  You’re looking for someone to trust with a big issue, your marketing.  Based on what I know you likely fall into one of two groups:

  1. You’re not sure at all a marketing consultant is what you need, maybe not that clear what a marketing consultant even does.
  2. You’re thinking a marketing consultant may be what you need and you’re looking for the right one.

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If you do nothing else on my site, go to my home page and click on the video on the right.  That’s 51 seconds.  Then give me another 120 seconds.  If you don’t want to send me an email by then and start a conversation, well, then, keep looking.

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I’ve worked with Vance, a financial advisor in Palm Desert, CA, for two years.  I’ve worked with Dustin, owner of an electronics distributor, for about four years.

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Jonathan Clark is arguably the best business writing seminar leader working today.  I have worked with him since 2000, have helped him grow, survive 9/11, grow again, and navigate the difficult times of today.

What’s your biggest marketing issue right now?  Let’s talk about it.