Small Business Marketing

Small business marketing can mean many things.

If I’m right about you:

You are a small business owner looking at what to do next. . .

You want to take the risk out of the next marketing dollars you invest. . .

You want fresh marketing ideas that work (without braking the bank). . .

If I’m right, invest another three minutes, I won’t waste your time.

My name is Hamilton Wallace and I have specialized in small business marketing since 1980.


Why We’re Different:

We specialize in working with small business owners.  As a result, we think more broadly–more ideas, small tests–about bringing marketing solutions to you.

When you hire us you hire me.  My job is to increase your sales, not run a small business marketing consulting firm.

I’ll talk to your customers to inform our ideas.

Implementation is critical. We understand this and we’re good at it.

An updated brochure, website or mailer aren’t enough without a message that’s updated to reflect what your customers are concerned about today.

What Small Business Marketing Means to Us:

Bottom line, we do what the client needs.  You email me, we talk on the phone, if we both agree there’s a personality and skill-set fit, we either work together or we don’t.  The two ways owners typically hire me most ofetn:

Virtual Director of Marketing

Internet Search Marketing

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Clients Speak Out

“Hiring Hamilton helped us finally project the feeling of what it is like to do business with us.”

Vance Boucher, CFP, CLU, AIF

“Our Adwords campaign has become our primary source for leads.”

Dustin Carreon Freelance Electronics

Vance and Dustin talk about Hamilton and his brand of small business marketing-


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“Just hire Hamilton and do what he says. When things stop working, fire him . We hired him in 2000 and are still using him.”

Chris Jones

“Hiring Hamilton Wallace was the best business decision I’ve made for my young company.”

Jonathan Clark

Jonathan talks about Hamilton-


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