I walked into Home Depot the other day and noticed they added a greeter at the door, like WalMart.  Except the Home Depot greeter added value to my shopping experience.  He said, “What can I help you find?”

Small improvement? Yes.  But it made a huge difference: it made it easier for me to shop that day.

Godaddy.com has humans on the phone you can talk to without waiting on hold forever.  This is the only reason I use Godaddy.com to buy domain names and host my websites.  It’s the only reason I recommend them to all my clients.  I’m not a big tutorial read-the-directions type of guy.  I’d much rather pick up the phone and ask the question.

Small improvement from their competition?  Yes.  Yet it is THE difference for me.

A restaurant I go to often brought the dessert tray after lunch.  Instead of the massive desserts you usually see our waiter presented small shot-glass-looking things filled with “tastes” of desserts.  Each for $2.  Cheaper and fewer calories.  I asked him if they sold more desserts and he said they were flying out the door since the change.

My guess is they made the change because we are more calorie-conscious and more budget-conscious today.

We all have heard about “continuous improvement” for years.  So, what kind of small improvements can you make to your marketing?  Add something?  Take something away?  Make it bigger, smaller?  Make it easier?

I believe small improvements are more important today than ever before.