Solving Small Business Marketing Problems

Thank you for clicking-through on my Adwords ad. . .

My name is Hamilton Wallace and I’m a small business marketing consultant.

You’re here searching for something that makes sense, something you can realistically do, to grow sales.

In this economy. . .which is getting better.

Whether the economy has hurt or helped your sales, it has and will continue to change why people buy and in many cases, who is buying.

And your marketing must change along with it.  That’s where I come in.

I can help you make these important marketing breakthroughs:

Generate more prospects:

I can help you attract more of the right people. I can bring people to your website.  I’m a Google Certified Adwords Partner.   I’ve been doing search marketing since all there was was Overture (look it up!).

If your website isn’t your #1 source for leads (both in terms of quantity and ROI), we should talk.  It is both for EVERY client I manage online lead generation and conversion for.  Every client.

Plus, I know something about email marketing; we send 200,000+ emails per month for clients.

And, we still do a lot of work offline; direct mail, print and electronic advertising.

All designed to attract prospects.

Turn more prospects into real leads:

Prospects are one thing, converting them into leads is another.  I spend a lot of time optimizing clients’ websites to make them simpler; all focused on converting more visitors into leads.

And I spend a lot of time fine-tuning clients’ message.  You know, if your message isn’t getting through, have me check the message before you invest in shouting louder or to more people.  You can double your ad spend and still fail if your message doesn’t resonate with what’s important to your customers today.

How can we work together?

Lots of ways, actually.  Check out our Services page.  Or, if something I said here strikes a chord with you, call me right now if now is business hours, Pacific time.  480-948-0029   Let’s talk about your issues and explore if we’re a good fit.

Or email me and we can very likely talk tomorrow.

A bit about me, at a glance:

Second generation Arizona native / Jock / BA, Reasoning, Logic & Persuasion, Drake University / IBM / Realized I don’t like big companies / MBA, Arizona State University / VP Sales & Marketing for two small companies / Tried to buy one, the board laughed at a 27-year-old with his checkbook in hand / Declared myself a marketing consultant, prayed someone would hire me / More than three decades of working with small companies / And now here we are, you and I.