More about my grandmother’s stewed tomatoes (and what might be missing in your marketing).

Long after she  passed I decided to try to make grandma’s stewed tomatoes. On meatloaf they are outstanding. You want to eat meatloaf with stewed tomatoes for breakfast the next day. That good.

My wife and I tried and tried. With all kinds of tomatoes, ingredients and preparations. Good stewed tomatoes. Different stewed tomatoes. But not great stewed tomatoes.

So I broke down and did the obvious. I called my mom and asked her. Four cans of tomatoes and one cup of sugar for one standard size meatloaf. Bring to a boil and let simmer uncovered for 40 minutes. Serve.

What?! Sugar? In stewed tomatoes?? Then I tried the recipe and yes, that is exactly how you make the best stewed tomatoes in the world.

Story is the sugar

If you leave the sugar out, it isn’t Mamu’s stewed tomatoes. And if you leave story out of your marketing, everything else can be right, but not much happens.

The thing that I never would have thought was important – sugar – was Mamu’s secret. The thing that may be missing from your marketing – story – is the secret to marketing that gets results.

Ever wonder why after you invest in a great new website or brochure not much changes? You aren’t getting people’s attention, you aren’t holding people’s attention long enough to create the action you want them to take. Because your story isn’t coming through!

Said another way, ever wonder why when you used to talk to prospects 9 times out of 10 they became customers? Because your story was coming through!

And just like Mamu’s stewed tomatoes, everything else can be right, but if you don’t get your story into your marketing, it just won’t come out right.

Attracting People

Attracting people, the right people, to your business, is critical. Which really means attracting more of the right people to your website, since that’s the first step people take toward your business. This is one of the things we’re good at. And telling your story, clearly, is key to attracting the right people, the type of people you want as new customers.

Converting People

Okay, now that people are on your site, what do you do with them? How do you move them through enough of your message to get them to complete a form, send you an email or sign up for your webinar? If your marketing consultant or agency aren’t working every week to answer these questions, fire them.

I’d Love to Learn More About You

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The book in front of me, by the way, is Seth Godin’s latest (sort of the mother ship of his books). He writes what I believe and try to practice so much better than I can say it. If you leave here without acting, buy any of his books, and you’ll be on your way down the path to doing what you’re supposed to be doing.