The Best Thing About a Lousy Economy

The best thing about a lousy economy is it favors the innovator; the company that adapts faster and more accurately to how its customers’ needs have changed.

That why the worst thing you can do is spend more money on last year’s marketing ideas.

New marketing ideas, more consistent implementation:

I’m a small business marketing consultant.  Owners hire me because they need to make every marketing dollar count.  They want more certainty — less risk.  They can’t afford to try this and try that until something works.  Not right now.  While I’ll never know as much about what you sell as you do, my experience on literally hundreds of marketing campaigns will change what you do next with your marketing.  And I don’t just make this stuff up.  My ideas are informed by your customers.  And our extra arms and legs add consistency to your campaigns.

A pool remodeling contractor came to us hoping we could help them sell their newly patented pebble surface.  A training company came to us after 12 months of flat sales.  A software developer came to us because they wanted more consistency in their marketing efforts.

Three very different companies selling to very different customers.  Yet, after 11, 9 and 2 year relationships:

  • I’m Virtual Director of Marketing for two. This is a great, low-cost relationship that takes the marketing burden off your shoulders.
  • I manage sponsored search pay-per-click campaigns for all three (building website traffic and converting visitors into leads).  I am uniquely qualified to do both, as a 25+ year veteran of direct response marketing AND qualified Google Adwords Professional.
  • For two of the three, their websites are their number one source for leads, in terms of sales, number of leads and cost per lead.

What makes us different:

  • When you hire us, you get me.  Not an account rep and some of my time.
  • I’ll talk to your customers before making my recommendations.  This might sound obvious, but shop around, it isn’t.
  • We specialize in working with small companies.  This means we think differently about your marketing — we look at the entire customer experience and we do more small tests.
  • We work hard at message.  A cool, new website wastes your money if people don’t care about what you’re saying on it.  Buying motivations are a moving target.
  • We care a lot about implementation.  Inconsistent implementation is why many small business owners can’t break the up-and-down growth cycle.

You’re this far into a page on “some marketing guy’s website” because something here strikes a chord.  Make 2010 different.  Email me.  Let’s start the conversation.