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// A NON-AD is something that doesn’t feel like an ad.  It informs.  It has value. 

It becomes an ad when it causes action.

You know what I’m talking about.  A white paper.  A report.  A guide.  An article reprint.  Something you can do for prospective customers that has as its goal to inform, to add value.  Now that’s a non-ad ad. 

Because if you can inform and deliver value, you can persuade.  Correct?  You don’t always have to “advertise” to advertise, right?  Take the video below, it’s a good example.


This is a video by a respected member of his industry talking about what his organization feels is important about software that manages cases in forensic laboratories.  If you work in a forensic lab you’d learn some things about how to select case management software.  The company that paid us to create the video, JusticeTrax, is never mentioned.  The video obviously is on their site.  The implication is the software he uses is theirs, but it is designed to help someone in the early stages of considering this type of software.

You know what I mean.  You just need a reminder to plug this type of non-ad into your marketing and advertising program.  So, consider yourself reminded!