istock_000008499208xsmallYes it’s true.  I’m a marketing consultant and I hired a marketing consultant.

It’s simple, really.  You see, regrettably, I don’t know everything.  When I take something as far as I can and I’m still not happy with the results, I look for someone a bit farther down that road than I am.  Enter, Ian Lurie.

Ian has Portent Interactive and writes the blog Conversation Marketing.  I’ve been following him for a while and like what he says and his practical approach to solving problems.  I hired Ian and his team to refine my website and user experience.  Specifically, encouraging more visitors to become clients.

We’re  knee-deep into implementing his suggestions.  I’ll continue along these lines until what he says stops working.  It’s been an interesting process, one I thought I’d begin sharing. . .with the hope and expectation there will be a happy ending.

I hired Ian for another reason.  This economy isn’t like anything I’ve seen and I’ve competed in some pretty nasty distinct economic conditions.  This is not a time to hesitate for even a week.  Too much uncertainty.

If I’m right, I’ve avoided lost revenues during the months it would have taken to solve my issues without him.  If I’m wrong, and I could have figured it out without him, worst case, I’ve invested some money, gotten smarter and arrived at my destination a bit sooner as a result.

Stay tuned. . .