Why We’re Different

We specialize in marketing for owner-led businesses.

Owners are often in a unique situation: you put your marketing hat on, take it off for another hat, check results of whatever you did (sort of), get back involved in marketing, get pulled in another direction and find yourself stuck on this up-and-down cycle of propping sales back up.

The result: lots of things get tried, none of them very well, and the question mark is never taken out of your marketing.

My clients have confidence in their marketing. They know, plus or minus 15%, what kind of return they’ll get for every marketing dollar they spend. They don’t have to rush back and put their marketing hat on. We wear it for them.

That drives how we think, the solutions we create and the structure we have.  That’s what makes us different.

[youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IY3hZtN1YjU[/youtube]

Hamilton talks about “where clients are” when they typically call. (86 seconds)

The Solutions We Create
We don’t subscribe the the “fell swoop” school of marketing. That is, trying to find a magic bullet that, in one fell swoop, can double sales. We typically recommend several small changes. We’d rather test five small changes/improvements to your marketing than risk 60% of your budget on a single strategy. Many times, frankly, we’re surprised which solution works the best. It’s often the one everyone thought (before implementation) would be a nice complement to the other “much cooler” things we recommended. We’ve been surprised by million dollar door hangers and simple sales letters that pulled so well we didn’t have to do the much cooler things.

More often, though, no single recommendation works so well by itself that you can afford not to implement all the strategies. Working together, multiple marketing methods delivering the same message can be powerful.

The Structure We Have
We’ve been called a Marketing Studio. Which is not a bad way of thinking about us. That is, like a film studio that brings together the people it feels can best make a particular movie, we bring the right people together to create and implement your marketing solutions.

I’m at the heart of all the strategy. I conceive every message. I write 99.9% of every word spoken or written on behalf of our clients. Then we work with a wonderful group of professionals across the country (and world) who help us implement.  We do this these important reasons:

  • Our overhead stays low and our fees stay low. If you just need me, or a few of us, that’s all you pay for.
  • I match creative with client. We use different graphic artists, for example, for our law firm and our tattoo equipment manufacturer. And while that sounds obvious, firms that employ a full-time graphic artist don’t.
  • I’m free to make broader recommendations–recommendations made solely for the benefit of the client. I’ll never try to sell you a new logo because I have to keep someone busy!
  • I can partner with people far more talented than I could afford to hire as employees.

So, here we are, you and I. . .

Intrigued?  Contact me, let’s start the conversation.