We did something with a client this year that’s worth sharing with you.  Instead of the traditional holiday email card with a meaningful thought we decided to ask their customers to share their favorite Christmas stories; then pick a few and share the stories back out with their customers.

We were overwhelmed.  With the number; over 1,400 people shared a story.  And with the stories themselves.  People described important and powerful  moments, and many actually thanked us for asking.

Every one was read.  Many, many tears attested to genuine humanity we were privileged to glimpse.  Cliff Batson, PERRLA’s COO, best summed up how most of us felt after this experience.  And it is my message for you:

Life is uncertain.  If you thought this Christmas was your last, what would you do differently?

Click here to read their top Christmas stories.

What is your favorite Christmas story?  Leave it as a comment.  The first comment’s mine.