yourpurebredpuppy video rough cut example

rough cut video example

It’s obviously ROUGH, but you get the idea.  You can play it or download it.  It’s an mp4 file and about 8 mgs in size.

Here’s what I did:

I will reference two videos-

DT (Dog Training, the 3:53 long video that is currently on your site)

RT (Respect Training, the 9:29 long video)

My suggested new video

RT 0-51, ending with “. . .but they still don’t behave.”

RT 2:34  “your dog wasn’t born understanding words. . .so your dog really understands” and ends at 2:45

DT 1:19 “I’ve written a book. .  .” to 1:42, ending with “. . .relationship of respect.”

RT 1:04 a dog who respects you. . .when you tell him no 1:12

DT 1:43  because without respect. . .to end 3:53