Your marketing isn’t working, so what’s the next step?

I’ve seen it again and again, the past 30+ years. Something’s wrong, but you aren’t sure how to fix it. It’s like my grandmother’s stewed tomatoes

Hamilton Wallace – Small Business Marketing Consultant, Chief Storyteller

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Having Fun with Bad Marketing -- and Pets!

Most webinars are infomercials for the presenters. And they're boring. Not this one:

  • We'll have some fun
  • We'll feel better about ourselves
  • (because we didn't create the crappy marketing!)
  • We'll even learn something about marketing
  • We'll brag about our pets
  • And you can get your questions answered

Hamilton Wallace, Small Business Marketing Consultant, offers 30+ years of proven offline and online wizardry.

Having Fun with Bad Marketing -- and Pets!
19 Oct, 201711:00am Register