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Q: What’s the definition of a great ad?

A: One that gets results.

That’s it. Beautiful people, gorgeous photography, really HAPPY people, puppies, humor, celebrities, cool music, and all the rest, doesn’t matter. Did it generate results? Any time you communicate with your target audience with a goal of persuading them, you need to make a connection. Connecting consists of four steps….

Hey, forget about all that important stuff. SUPER BOWL ADS!…

Amazon ad designed to make the point that Alexa is becoming a part of many products (this is an important part of their strategy to make Alexa the predominate voice assistant). Pretty good.

Many brands are doing commercials for their commercials. To get you to watch their commercials. Desperate times I guess….

Continuing on my theme of desperate times, Skittles is using a spot to promote their ‘commercial’ that actually is a Broadway play. Yeah, really. This spot also brings up a corollary to my desperate times thought: What to do if your product has zero real benefits to talk about.

Michelob ULTRA with a high-production spot that tries to take advantage of a trend on YouTube (search on: ASMR). All of which begs the question: What the hell does any of this have to do with beer??

Great example of what you do when:

A.  You’re fresh out of ideas.

B.  Your product offers zero real benefits to talk about.

I can’t confirm this ad will run this year; it’s five years old, but I’ve seen it in a few compilations of 2019 Super Bowl ads. Regardless, it gets and keeps your attention and makes a point about the company.

A good way to end is with words of wisdom from the mythical father of all this:

And a smile…(with thanks to Cliff from PERRLA, a great client of mine)