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I admit, the thought of a silver bullet is intriguing; especially coming from someone riding in on a white horse. Bang, problem fixed and sales soar. This scenario, though, is better suited for movies or comic books than for betting on for the future of your business.

Big, sweeping solutions that immediately and dramatically change your marketing results — silver bullets — don’t exist. Sorry. You are much better served focusing on getting the smaller things right. The lead bullets.

For example:

  • Focus on getting every customer experience right (simple, predictable, satisfying). Every day.
  • Focus on fine-tuning your story and make sure everything you do reflects it. Everything.
  • Focus on simplifying your website.
  • Focus on staying in touch with your customers in between the times you’re asking them to buy.

And there are many others. None of these are “a silver bullet”. But each one does impact your sales, and taken together, meaningful increases can result.

Stop looking for that silver bullet and get busy on what’s in front of you.