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I usually carry a little notebook for ideas and whatever else that seems worthy of remembering. I also page through them a lot and am always surprised by one thing: how simple the ideas are that for whatever reason seemed important enough at the time to stop and jot down.

I’ll share some here in case they’ll be idea-starters for you too. These relate to how we communicate on our websites. And about storytelling. I think about both a lot-

I can’t trust you if I don’t feel I know you.

Incomplete stories are not trustworthy. Watch out for incomplete About Us pages.

Influence is more about who we are and how we say it than what we say.

Storytelling produces influence and influence is the best form of persuasion because it gives people the most room to make the course of action their own.

Trying to explain how storytelling affects us is like trying to explain how puppies affect us.

Stories demonstrate, not tell.

The naked truth is best clothed in a story.

Story is indirect persuasion when direct won’t work.

Create relationship early. A good way: pull up your skirt first (reveal something about yourself early).

More than buy what you’re selling, people want to be part of something. Make sure the transaction includes ‘part of something more, bigger, better’.

A good story INVITES people to arrive at the same conclusion you did.

Here is the little notebook I prefer. Important: check your pockets before washing, it will not survive; treat it like your wallet, I’ve only lost one in 15 years and I’m still heartbroken.