Google “steps to small business marketing success” and you’ll find the number seven is the preferred number of steps to small business success.

But aren’t you just looking for just one?  The right one.

That single step that pushes you through whatever’s holding you back and gets your voice heard.

How to find that right step-

Understand what’s going on.  Make an honest assessment of your marketing.

Start looking.  It may not be on someone’s list.  It may be that inspiration you get by being on the receiving end of some very good or very bad customer service, reading a blog post like this or listening to a customer.  The only way you can fail is by stopping.

Trust your instincts that you’ll know it when you see it.  You will.  That little voice will tell you.  What little voice?  The one that just let you know I’m right about this.

Implement.  Don’t over-complicate things and burn three months thinking about it.  Implement it.  Create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of your new product, service or marketing campaign.  Put it out there and start refining as the market gives you feedback.

If that doesn’t break you through, go through the steps again: assess; start looking, trust your instincts; implement.

Repeat as needed.

Does this mean 8 steps to small business marketing success are better than 7?  Yes, but only by improving the odds you’ll find the one you need by about 17%.