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Hamilton Wallace talks about marketing and what he's learned as a small business marketing consultant

Be curious.  That’s my best advice.

For the longest time I wasn’t sure why something so simple as curiousity was so powerful, but I had the experience that it was, over and over.  For a very long time I have felt it as the wind in my sails (sales??) and experienced it turn work into play.  There’s no better feeling than waking up knowing I GET to invest the day doing something that satisfies my curiousity.

But still, I’ve never got my hands completely around why.  Until I read Brian Grazer’s new book, A Curious Mind, The SECRET to a BIGGER LIFE.

The book taught me a lot about what’s going on — about why my curiousity has worked and why it works for everyone.  And he’s right:

Curiousity pushes away the fear that blocks us from doing new things and considering new ideas.

Curiousity pushes us to do our best work.  You’ve heard going the “last mile”, over-delivering, getting better every day; all the cliches for doing more.  If you are curious about it, all that becomes easier.

Curiosity turns “nos” and bumps in the road into “yeses” and opportunities to learn your way to your goal.

Yes, you can work to create curiousity about what is in front of you.  And, yes, having to work at it sometimes is a signal you should do something else.  The more you know about curiousity the eaiser it is to tell the difference.

What are you curious about?

How much of that intersects your work?

Can you focus more on those things you are curious about and delegate the things that aren’t?

Or what about finding something you are curious about?

Give it some thought.  Be curious!