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Have you seen demoslam by Google?  It’s a beautiful piece of marketing.

It is a where you can rate demos people do of a variety of Google’s free technology.  The video below is a playlist of some of the more interesting videos people have uploaded; more interesting based on how they have been rated by people like you and me.

Why This is Beautiful Marketing-

It doesn’t talk about the technology.  It demonstrates it.  We all love a story far more than feature/function/benefit.

It uses video, the native “language” or medium of its target market (under 40somethings).  Why read a website when you can watch a website?

It reeks of authenticity.  Although there are a few videos mixed in by Googlers (employees), 95+% of the content is user-generated.  User-generated = authentic.

It’s engaging and fun; two important elements of any great marketing campaign. . .that are as powerful as they are tough to achieve.

So. . .What Kind of Marketing Insights Can We Draw From This?

Well, no, sorry, you can’t do your own demo slam (that includes me too).  Neither of us are cool enough.  But here are some thoughts:

Use video.  Remember, it’s easier to watch a website than read a website.

Use testimonials and case studies.  Remember, what users say about you is more authentic than what you say about you.  Plus, testimonials and case studies bring more of a story into the presentation.  And remember, we all love stories.

So. . .how about you?  What examples of beautiful marketing have you seen lately?  I’d love to see one. . .