As a marketing consultant I feel obligated to keep up with how people communicate, the digital realm, cool new stuff, etc.  And I get tired of hearing about the next big thing which will change everything.  Well, now I’m doing it.

Apple’s iPad debuted a month or so ago and will go on sale this Sunday.  It was introduced with much hype (normal fare for Apple), much excitement (typical for Apple fanboys and fangirls) and the normal “oh gad, listen to Apple again” from the loyal opposition (“Another thing I’m going to carry in between my laptop and my smart phone, I think not!”).

I have to say, I believe this is going to, uh, oh brother I’m going to say it, change everything.  Or, at least, it will save magazines and raise the bar (significantly!) on what is an interesting website or electronic brochure experience.

Watch this video and see if you don’t agree:

From Alexx Henry on Vimeo.