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Dear 2013,

2012 was just fine, but I really need 2013 to be better than just fine. So here’s what you can expect from me, in no particular order:

I’m going to be in a hurry. So it needs to be okay that we fail, and fail often. But no worries, we’ll fail small, and each time we’ll pick ourselves up, take a look at what worked and what didn’t, make adjustments and keep going.

So just relax 2013, and know that I’ll never bet the farm and with each step we take we’ll be one step closer to making 2013 the best year ever.

I’m going to be trying new things.  Calm down, just because something’s new doesn’t mean it’s risky or coming from “left-field”. It just means we haven’t tried it before. So take a chill pill 2013!!

I’m going to be doing a lot of thinking this year, too. I know, I know. That may be a bit scary for you (it is for me!). I’m going to be paying attention to what a lot of other companies are doing. Companies that have no obvious connection with what we do. But I’m going to do it to learn, because even though we’re not Apple or Google or Amazon or that innovative manufacturer in Indiana, I can learn something from what they do and how they think. So 2013, if I choose to read each morning before I look at my email, or take a walk at lunch, don’t worry, I won’t have lost my mind, I’ll simply be using it more than usual.

And finally 2013, I’m strangely comfortable not needing to know exactly what will happen in month nine or month 11 of a business plan. I’m okay putting one foot in front of the next with the confidence I’ll know what adjustments to make to continue down the path to success — I’ll know what feels right and what feels wrong. You’re right, this is different than the 2012 me. But understand, I feel really great about 2013 because the Mayans, in all their amazing wisdom and ability to build fantastic civilizations in the jungle, were wrong. So I sort of feel like 2013 is a gift, and I’m going to take full advantage.  Or, maybe it’s because I’ve competed in this increasingly digital world long enough to know as fast as things change, a one-foot-in-front-of-the-next strategy makes sense.  Thinking I can control things 12 months out, does not.

Come on along, it’s going to be a great ride!  Here.  We.  Go!