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Every time something big comes along and starts to change things, like social media, the internet, television, radio all the way back to that trouble-maker Gutenberg and his press, people announce the death of the thing that it replaces.  Or more accurately, the thing they believe it will replace.

With social media, everybody needs to just take a breath.  And remember: social media is important; you need to understand it and use it; but you can’t afford to take your eye off the other ways you communicate with your customers and prospects.

Don’t forget email.  And if you aren’t getting much traction from email, you need to start.  Email is still the preferred methods of communication in the business world.  Don’t forget email.

And don’t forget print ads or trade shows or good ol’ fashioned telephone calls or face-to-face meetings.  An offline presence (actual human contact!) is a good thing.

Just because something is exploding, and social media is certainly doing that, doesn’t mean it extinguishes everything around it.  Nowhere is that better demonstrated than in this chart by marketflowbigThomas Baekdal.  (He’s a smart person you should follow).  Look at each medium, when its influence is the strongest (widest on the graph) and the natural weakening as newer media become popular.  But weakening takes time; decades.  So don’t drop anything.  Simply add social media.  And everybody just take a breath!